We sometimes get questions and thought it might be helpful to list a few of the most popular ones.

How much do they cost?
$1.95pc delivered to your door.  This is our basic wholesale price.  If you order a whole bunch, we might offer you some discounts.

What is the minimum order Qty?
1 Case / 36pcs.

What if I only want a small Qty?
Please click on this link to our distribution
partner at Amazon.com

How much is Shipping & Handling?
Free- Anywhere in the USA

How soon are orders shipped?
Typically we ship out within 1 weeks time. However, we make a sincere effort to get them out the same day, unless we are on vacation or fighting crime.

Do you offer terms?
Yes- 30 day terms are given to repeat customers with good credit. However, you must register for an account on our website.

How are these whistles made?
Liquid clay is poured into a mold where it then sits for 1 hour. Afterwards, it is pulled from the mold, hand finished and fired at approx. 2000° fahrenheit to create the perfect pitch.

Are there any safety concerns?
No- These whistles are made from clay only and not exposed to lead or other hazardous chemicals. Please note: Because these items are made from clay they are fragile. If they are dropped, the chances are the whistle will break.

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