The Amazingly Incredible Bird Whistle™
Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face the moment you try it! Take a look at what other folks are saying...

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In order to better serve you... We now have several value pack qtys to choose from.  Our basic wholesale price is $1.95pc.  

Free Shipping & Handling
No hidden costs!  All orders include free shipping and handling throughout the USA.  If you’re from another country and still want to buy, you better call us and we’ll figure something out.

100% Organic
Our whistles are meticulously hand crafted from the finest clay and contain absolutely zero hazardous materials. Always environmentally safe and sane!

Perfect Pitch
The secret is in the clay. Unlike bird whistles made from wood or plastic that deplete our natural resources, our whistles have an unmistakable resonance only realized with the use of clay. Simply add water, a small measure at a time until you achieve the perfect pitch.

"This is a consistently great seller and kids love them!"
-Wild Birds Unlimited, Wood Stock GA

    "These whistles are very popular as a stand-alone item and are simply Amazing"
  -James Town Gift Shop, Jamestown VA

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